Learning How to Fail

“Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm” Winston Churchill.

No one can say that he or she never fails, nor that we only fail a few times. Failure is something that is linked to the limitation of the human condition, and it is normal for every human being experiences it frequently. Therefore, those who can claim to be successful in life is not because they never fail, nor that they do so rarely: if they succeed, it is because they have learned to overcome those small and constant failures that may arise in the life of an average person. On the contrary, those who fail in life are those who with every little failure, instead of learning from that experience may sink their lives negatively.

To succeed in life requires learning how to fail. Success in life comes from knowing how to face the inevitable lack of success of living every day, from this curious paradox depends significantly on the success of our way of living. Each frustration, each setback, each disillusionment, may bring a germ of an infinite number of unknown human capacities over which those who are patient and determined have been able to build the best from their lives.

The difficulties of life — in a certain way — play in our favor. Failure makes one’s limitation shine, and at the same time, it gives us the opportunity to improve, to provide the best of ourselves. Then, in the midst of an environment in which not everything is given to us is how our character grows, since it acquires strength and authenticity.

It would be a complete naiveté to let life be diluted in a desperate search for something as utopian as the desire to remain in a state of permanent euphoria, or in a state of constant pleasant feelings. Whoever thinks so, that person would almost always be unhappy, and those around that person would probably end up feeling unhappy as well.

Gertrud von Le Fort said one time: “There is a clear and a dark bliss, but the man incapable of tasting the dark one, is not able to taste the clear one either.”

Therefore, in the task of educating one’s character or our children’s, we have to be aware of the danger of trusting people would try to sell us the key to perfect happiness where one never fails. Society today may seem never to offer us a chance to grow in our a successful character since for people nowadays there is no room for failure. It is imperative to not fall into any kind of perfectionist neurosis.

We all make mistakes. The only difference is that some see their mistakes as small opportunities and teachings for the future, while others may only get bitterness and pessimism. To success — once again — in something is hidden in the ability to overcome obstacles with sportsmanship.

It is sad to see intelligent people fall apart and abandon a career and life. Many people feel desolation and desperation when they fail to build a healthy relationship with someone else and may curse against all humanity. Others may not be able to bear a small setback in their brilliant career. However, the biggest failure usually is when we stop doing things out of fear of failing.

Don’t lose your enthusiasm, because failure will help you to succeed in life.