What are you reading?

In our parish bulletin, we have been running a column entitled, What Are You Reading? It has been an interesting and inspiring way not only to learn about parishioners’ likes, but also for parishioners to get to know a bit more about one another too!

Recently, in light of that column, someone asked me what I was reading.  I smiled and brought them to my office to show him that at any given time I am working through two or three books at once.  I don’t share that to “show off” in any way, but rather to share how important it is for a pastor to be well read.  And with the internet, it’s so easy to become distracted and actually to waste a good bit of time, without accomplishing anything.

Then I came across the January 29, 2017 Quartz.com article by Charles Chu entitled, “In the time you spend on social media each year, you could read 200 books”.  In it there are some very interesting suggestions and thoughts.  Here are some:

– read 500 pages every day;
– do not quit before you start;
– find the time to read;
– avoid the 608 hours on social media and 1642 hours watching tv every year;
– “read” using all mediums, books, audio books, phone, tablets, smart phones, etc.

In light of Chu’s challenge, I have recommitted myself to more reading this year.  And while my preference are for books that are geared towards management and improvement, I will venture into new areas like biographies, and perhaps even some novels. Any recommendations?

I’m remembering that slogan that is now 40 years famous, “a mind is a terrible thing to waste” – so take some time and read more.  Your mind (and soul) depend on it!

Fr Bob