Grades 1 and 2

Classes meet:

  • Sunday Morning at 8:45 am and 10:30 am
  • Monday  Afternoon at 3:45 pm
  • Tuesday Afternoon at 3:45 pm

Grade 1 Class Schedule
Grade 2 Class Schedule

Grade 2 is the year where most of the children in our parish make the sacrament of First Reconciliation and First Communion.  There are additional requirements in the First Communion including practices for the sacraments and a First Communion Retreat.  For St. Teresa’s parishioners who have a child currently attending Catholic school special sacrament preparatory classes are offered.

First Reconciliation

Second grade is a wonderful time in a child’s life where they will receive two very special sacraments.  The sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession) is especially important because we teach our children the power of forgiveness.  First Reconciliations will be made this year in early March.

First Holy Communion

First Communion Celebrations will take place in late April and early May

  • Each family will be assigned a pew.  This will be done by random lottery.  This is where you and your extended family will sit during the celebration.
  • Your Child’s banner (they will make this at the First Eucharist Retreat Day) will hang from your pew.
  • All children will have a role in their Communion Mass.
  • One parent MUST accompany your child at the rehearsal.  During rehearsal we review the entire Mass, First Communion procedures, and practice all music.

Dress code for First Communion:

  • Girls should wear a white Communion dress or fancy white or cream-colored dress. Veils are traditional, but do not have to be worn. Headbands are fine.
  • Boys may wear a light or dark suit, or a jacket or blazer with dress slacks and tie. No sneakers are allowed.
  • Neither boys nor girls may carry anything in their hands (flowers, rosary, handbag, etc.).  Girls may not wear gloves.

First Communion Schedule

Communion Rehearsal
Saturday, April 29 @ 11:00 am Tuesday, April 25 @ 3:30 pm
Saturday, April 29 @ 1:30 pm Tuesday April 25 @ 5:15 pm
Saturday, April 29 @ 5:30pm Thursday, April 27 @ 3:30 pm
Sunday, April 30 @ 11:00 am Thursday, April 27 at 4:45 pm
Sunday April 30 @ 1:30 pm (Spanish) Wednesday April 26 at 5:15 pm
Saturday May 6 @ 11:00 am      Wednesday, May 3 @ 3:30 pm
Saturday May 6 @ 1:30 pm Wednesday, May 3 @ 4:45 pm